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To wait is the hardest thing to do.
Potential energy held at bay
awaiting kinetic birth.
To be poised between the before
and the after,
to be next,
or nearly there.
It is a tease to the mind
that raises the fibers of the brain
like the hairs on the skin
before a lover’s touch!
To build in anticipation
aching for the moment to arrive.
To hold on just a little longer
for that expected reward.
To lean just at the point of
on the edge of almost . . .

I never knew waiting could be such fun!

~ John Rea-Hedrick

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One Response to Waiting

  1. Amanda Hannah says:

    You wrote that in fifteen minutes?! You’re making my tetris playing while waiting at the doc. office look really, really bad lol

    It’s really beautiful.

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