I Say ‘Twas You

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I say ’twas you, but you so say ’twas me;
And so begin again we our descent.
‘Tis plain the fault lies somewhere in between,
Yet neither ground is willing to relent.
Deep tensions grow increasing future pain,
While each small slip is measured on a scale;
Sheer force of will, which holds fast building strain,
Ensures by greater magnitudes the fail.
Until at last the swelling passions break,
And yielding, shifts the balance to one side.
Inevitable course the climax takes;
It brings release – not elevated pride
If focus of the err be yours or mine,
But tremors grieving loss and wasted time.

~ John Rea-Hedrick


This poem was an experiment.  I wanted to try and construct a poem by blending two themes together.  My approach was to write about one theme as the subject of the poem while using the language of the second theme to express it.  My intention was that the completed poem would be subtle and feel neither obvious nor contrived.

See if you can pick out the two themes and tell me how you think I did.

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