A Lifetime Spent

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If a lifetime of wisdom could be summed up in a single word,
no mouth could utter it.

If a lifetime of love could be felt in one beat of one heart,
no flesh could contain it.

If a lifetime of joy could be expressed in one shout of one voice,
no ear could perceive it.

If a lifetime of hate could be emblazoned in one act of destruction,
no force could withstand it.

If a lifetime of suffering could be experienced in one spasm of pain,
no soul could endure it.

If a lifetime of regret could be grieved in one flash of insight,
no tear could erase it.

If a lifetime of experience could be extinguished in one final breath,
no one dare not share it!

~ John Rea-Hedrick

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One Response to A Lifetime Spent

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi John!

    This is Kirsten over at YA Highway. Because you’ve been such an awesome participant in our RTWs and in our comments section, we were wondering if you’d like to guest blog sometime this month. It can be about anything YA — writing, reading, book reviews, controversy, etc. if so, drop us a line at yahighway (at) gmail.com with any ideas you might have.


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