It’s Epiphany, But Don’t Let That Stop You

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Today is January 6th, Epiphany, which officially marks the end of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Today is the day we typically take down the tree, the lights, the stockings and all the decorations and put them away in storage until next December.  Today is the day life gets back to normal.

But today, we’re not quite ready for “normal” just yet.  Today we’ve decided to keep everything up just a little be longer.  True, we’re the only ones on our cul-du-sac who still have their lights up.  And still ON.  Maybe the neighbors will think we’re just being lazy, but we don’t really care.  None of us are ready for the holiday season to be over.  Christmas is too important to just walk away from it and then move on as if it were only a fond memory.

So we’ll be holding on.  For a few more days at least.  Besides, something tells me no matter when we decide to take everything down, we haven’t seen the last of this season’s Christmas magic yet.

Christmas TreeChristmas Tree Lighted

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