Why Writers Should Consider Dropbox

DropboxIf you’re anything like me you’re constantly looking for little snatches of time to write whenever and wherever you can find them.  Since we can’t always be in our preferred writing space when time for writing presents itself, or even when inspiration strikes, we make due as we can.  During her Harry Potter days, J.K. Rowling even once resorted to writing on the back of an air sickness bag!

While there are any number of ways to take notes on the go, for me the challenge has always been in how to effectively bringing everything back together later.  Retyping handwritten notes can be time consuming, as can copying and pasting notes from one disconnected electronic location to another (email, text files, USB drive, etc.).  For the most part, anything that isn’t about just getting the words on the page can feel a lot like wasted time.  Time that would be better spent actually writing.

Enter . . . Dropbox!
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