The “Creative Writer” Award

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Creative Writer Award Real life has taken the forefront for me in recent weeks, as it should, and so my writing and this blog have fallen off my radar.  However, this week I received the “Creative Writer” award from YA Highway novelist, Michele Schusterman, and I’ve found myself considering how I might, in moderation, begin to revisit this space.

Consider this a first step.

The award: It’s a fun and simple challenge to tell six outrageous lies and one truth about yourself then see who can guess the truth.

Sounds harmless enough, so, here goes . . .

1) I have nine children.

2) Over the years I’ve worked as as babysitter, a library page, a bookstore clerk, a restaurant busboy, a glass installer, a landscaper, a programmer, an administrative assistant, a youth minister, a data processor and a clown.

3) I once stood on a table in my college campus food court at the University Place Hotel in the midst of the lunch crowd to serenade my future wife in apology for not getting her anything one year for Valentine’s Day.

4) I worry about everything, but somehow I’ve never had performance (audience) anxiety.

5) Because I’ve never looked my age I’m often mistaken for Justin Bieber.

6) I am wanted by the police in three states.

Any takers?  What do you think?  Leave your guesses in the comments below.

In the spirit of playing along, I’ve also decided to pass this along to a few other writers to see what they might do with it.

Jennifer Walkup, Megan Powell, Anna Staniszewski, Dawn MetcalfTracy Clark & Heather Petty.

Have fun!  I look forward to reading your lists if you decide to play along.

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9 Responses to The “Creative Writer” Award

  1. Dawn says:

    Ooo, this is a tough call, but I’m going for #2 (a close call with #3)! Am I right??

  2. Kaitlin says:

    I want to guess #2.
    #5 is hilarious.

  3. Jennifer Walkup says:

    OMG I read the original post wrong and I thought only ONE of them was a lie. I was having the hardest time believing some of those. LOL. I am going to guess #3 is the true one!

  4. Anna says:

    Haha, if you get mistaken for Justin Bieber, does that mean you have swarms of tween girls following you everywhere? 🙂 Thanks for the award!

  5. Okay, it’s answer time!

    The true answer was #3.

    As for the others… #1) I have four children, not nine, #2) I’ve actually held all the jobs listed except for being a clown. They scare the crap of out me! #4) This should be flipped; I seldom worry, but I hate performing for an audience because I always get cold-sweat nervous right before I go on even though I’ve been received feedback it doesn’t show, #5 While I’ve always looked young for my age I’ve never been mistaken for being THAT much younger, #6) Is pure fiction…to the best of my knowledge. 😉

    Thanks for playing along!

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