Dreaming Out Loud

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I know at times I’m a terrible dreamer.

Some days this is more true than others.  On my good days that inner voice, the one that tells me I need to stay grounded in reality and not let myself get too far ahead of what I can “see”, is just a quiet whisper on the breeze.  On my bad days that voice is like thunder.  And on those in-between days, which can seem as infrequent as leap year or a blue moon, the coast is clear without a cloud in the sky and I can see all the way out to the edge of the horizon (and perhaps a bit beyond it).

Our dreams touch on our innermost, secret selves.  It takes courage to be willing to look that deep inside because we never know what we might find there.  But once we do (if we do) and we discover what our dreams truly are, our first instinct is to protect them.  So we carry them around, safe inside us, like we’re guarding them a precious treasure.  We know they’re there and just knowing is enough.  But knowing your dreams and chasing your dreams are not the same thing, and there comes a time when every dreamer is inextricably drawn to do something about them.

The brave ones are those who’ve discovered their dreams and are willing to let other people see them too.  But naming your dreams calls attention to them and shines a penetrating light in those safe, dark places.  ‘What if other people think my dreams are stupid?’  ‘What if my dreams really ARE stupid and I’m the only one who doesn’t see it?’ Or worse yet, ‘what if I name my dreams out loud and they never come true?

Maybe.  Could be.  Possibly.  Who knows?

Dreaming can be a risky affair.  The one thing you can be certain of is whatever your dreams are, you’ll never know what they can be until you’re willing to do it out loud.  Whether it’s sharing them with a family member or a close friend, or just simply writing them down (on real paper with a real pen) so that you name them aloud to yourself, your dreams won’t ever be anything more than that until you do.  And some day you might awaken from dreaming only to realize you’ve forgotten how.

So how about it?  How loud are you willing to dream?

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2 Responses to Dreaming Out Loud

  1. Anna says:

    John, have you read any of Lisa Schroeder’s blog posts this month? They’re all about dreaming big, and it’s been so inspiring to read them. The thought of actually voicing those big dreams, though, is a little scary! But I’ve decided 2010 is the year of being brave, so I’m going to give it a try (probably in a note to myself that no one else will ever see).

    • Anna,

      I did! Sort of. There’s actually a link in this post to the post by Jo Knowles on Lisa’s blog. (I should have called more attention to it.) That post was the inspiration for mine, but I didn’t realize it was part of a series. I’ll check it out.


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