Voices in My Head

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Yes, I hear voices in my head.  I like them.  In fact, I hear them on purpose!

Allow me to explain.

When I was in middle school I never much enjoyed reading textbooks.  I was, and still am, easily distracted by *shiny things* and there was nothing very exciting or interesting in most textbooks to capture my attention.  Often when faced with a large reading assignment, my attention would wander before I had completed it.  The result was I wasted a lot of time rereading the sections I’d already *read*.  Very frustrating!

One day I stumbled on a great trick for managing my distractions while keeping the reading interesting – Voices!  Now, these voices aren’t the kind that come unbidden and can’t be shut out (knock on wood).  These were voices thoughtfully selected depending on my mood and the subject at hand.

Now, I’ve always been very good with voices.  I can easily recognize people on the telephone almost from ‘Hello’, but I can also clearly replay voices in my head – tone, pitch, rhythm, etc.  Whenever I was faced with a particularly dreadful reading assignment, I would think about the subject matter and decide who could provide the best voice to read it to me.  I would visualize the speaker in my mind’s eye and as I read the words it was their voice I heard in my head.  It was as if I could literally hear them reading to me.  Sometimes I imagined them behind a podium, or pacing in the front of a lecture hall or even just sitting in a chair opposite me with nothing better to do in the world than speak my reading assignment to me.

The speakers were always animated and friendly and quite happy to oblige!  Truth be told my particular favorite was Patrick Stewart, in full character as Jean-Luc Picard.  But there were many, many others.

Whenever I found my mind wandering while reading I’d call up one of my trusted instructors and they would make the reading interesting again.  With this simple trick I was able to keep my creative mind engaged and happy so I wouldn’t be distracted as I let real facts and figures get in.  These voices even helped me to maintain honor roll status nearly every semester I was in school!

Next time you find yourself distracted or unable to concentrate when you’re reading something less than interesting, why not try calling on a few voices.  You might find you like hearing voices too!

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