I’m not a fan of movie trailers

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Let’s consider for a moment that going to the movies is like going on a trip which in many ways it exactly what it is.

So, you’re planning to take this trip and it’s one you’ve really been looking forward to.  You’ve read or heard a little about where you’re going from people who’ve already been there just to whet your appetite.  Maybe some of your friends have even been recently and told you what a great time they had.  Okay, so now you’re really excited!

Now imagine one of your friends says to you, “I’ve got this great new camera that lets me take pictures right now of all the best stuff you’re gonna do when you’re there. Wanna see?”

Set aside for a moment your insatiable curiosity upon first hearing of such a device to stop and think; would you really want someone to show you pictures of all the good times you were about to have before actually happen?  Would that really increase your excitement about what was waiting for you, or would it kill all the spontaneity of experiencing it fresh and unaware?

Imagine how these scene might play out as your friend explains each of the photos…

“Oh, Look!  There’s that corner booth where the waiter will spill a drink in Ralph’s lap while Ralph’s in the middle of telling you that embarrassing locker room wedgie story.  Oh!  And there’s that briefcase full of money you’ll find under the mattress in your hotel room which turns out to be drug money that Frankie brought along on the trip to put a hit on you because of that shady business deal you learned out about just before you left. Only now because you the money the hitman thinks he’s working for you instead of Frankie and…”

I think you get the idea.

Basically, all through your trip, instead of simply going along for the ride and enjoying events as they unfolds, you’ll spend half of it distracted as you vaguely recall what comes next and the other half rolling your eyes at any apparent mortal danger involving people who’ve appeared in scenes that haven’t happened yet.

No thank you.

Of course, after I’ve seen the movie I’m more than happy to go back and watch the trailer.  I usually do.  But then it’s more like flipping through a old photo album recalling my favorite memories, than it is dodging a barrage of heavy-handed spoiler images the film maker’s marketing team  decided would make me want to go see the movie in the first place.

If you’re one of those who likes watching movie trailers – great! Enjoy them! Only, don’t offer to show them to before I’ve seen the movie. I still like to be surprised.

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