A Vacation To Remember (Day 3)

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Wednesday morning began with more of my wife’s delicious microwave scrambled eggs!  While the adults cleaned up (everyone clears at home), the kids spent some time playing on the deck, trying out the hammock and the porch swing, but their favorite thing about the deck was . . . the BELL!


They had a ball with that bell, ringing it till I thought it might crack.  So much for quiet, peaceful cabin life!  🙂

Day 3 was the day we planned to travel into Nashville to visit some stores and maybe pick up a souvenir or two.  Sadly, we knew we’d be having lunch out and so we had to leave Casper behind.  The only other wrinkle was that it looked like it might rain.

The plan was simple.  Eat first then walk around Nashville.  Since we were on vacation we really wanted to do something for lunch we wouldn’t do at home, so we were option to finding something new.  We drove around Nashville for a while checking out various restaurants (not as many as you might think) until we settled on one – the Holy Cow Steakhouse and Grill.  We figured the menu selection there would likely allow everyone to get something they’d like.  We parked the van in a GREAT spot (one of the few around) right across the street from the restaurant!

That’s when the rain began.

We hurried across the street to the covered deck and picked up a menu from the outer door to check pricing.  The kids menu items alone were around $7 each and adult meals started around $11! (OUCH!)  Okay, so we expected to spend a little more on lunch than normal, but not THAT much.  If we were going to spend $50, we were at least going to go somewhere really nice.

We settled on the Brown County Inn Restaurant and everyone raced through the rain back to the van.  Unfortunately, this was all we ever saw of it because it wasn’t open for lunch.


Alas!  We considered what was left of our options then drove around some more.  45 minutes after we’d left the cabin for a *quick visit* to Nashville, and with four very hungry and slightly cranky kids in the back, we settled on a place we’d never even consider stopping at home – McDonald’s. {sigh}

We still spent nearly $25 (it takes a lot to feed six people).  However, in our new “let’s look on the bright side approach” to our many vacation setbacks, we gave ourselves permission to spend the $25 we’d just *saved* on some family souvenirs! (A Fall turkey for our front entry table and two Christmas ornaments from the Holly Shop – one for the family and one for Casper.)

turkey ornament ornament2

Note to Holly Shop:
Since your policy states that parents MUST pay for anything children may break, PLEASE don’t hawk over my kids as they admire your beautiful treasures while you explain how fragile they are.  Geesh!

Thankfully, the rain had slackened just after we left the Holly Shop so we went on to the Visitor’s Center to get some maps and find out where the best places are to eat (actually in Nashville) were for next time.  While we were there the kids were excited to get their own illustrated maps of the village.  I was surprised to see how many shops there actually were tucked away on some of those back streets.

After the Visitors Center we hit the Toy Chest to play where my wife snapped this photo of me goofing around.  (It’s good to be king!)


Our last stop before heading back to the cabin to let poor Casper out was the Copperhead Creek Gem Mining Company to pan for gold and  gems,  but at $11.00 per bag of preloaded panning dirt, we opted for six bowls of homemade pumpkin ice cream instead.  No complaints about this from the young’uns!


Back on our cabin, Casper was thrilled to see us!  Everyone, including Casper, curled up while my wife read some more of The Wind Boy (by Ethel Cook Eliot).  My wife and kids are usually reading through a book together most days.  Since I’m at work at that time I miss out.  Although sometimes I read the same one on my own so I can share too.  I hadn’t kept up on this one and didn’t want to come in mid-read. Instead, I grabbed my camera and slipped off to check out the woods behind the house. Following the path past the chain link dog kennel I found we had a third pond on the property.  What the cabin lacked in working amenities, it certainly made up for in natural beauty!


The last thing we did before dinner and bed that night was to break out the swim suits.  You may recall from my Day 1 post that the hot tub had gone AWOL.  So we filled the sunken tub in the master bathroom upstairs and let the kids have at it.  I suspect they enjoyed playing in there much as they would have enjoyed playing in the actual hot tub, even it was a bit cramped. 🙂

Oh!  I nearly forgot to mention we played one last round of sardines.  We’d actually run out of time on Day 2 for my wife to hide before our movie.  Sardines was her idea after all and she REALLY wanted a turn to hide!  She found a great spot too – under the vanity in the master bath.

We all wandered through there more than once and overlooked her every time.  I was with our 4YO when I finally spotted her so the two of us crouched between the vanity and the closet door with a damp bath towel (all I could find in the dark) pulled over us.  We waited and waited and waited, quietly laughing together about how cramped my wife was getting under the vanity.

Eventually, we started knocking on the walls to help the others find us, but it didn’t work.  Now we couldn’t stop laughing.  Finally, I cranked up my iPod Touch and started blasting timer alarm sounds until they found us.

Day 3 was definitely a high point for everyone!

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One Response to A Vacation To Remember (Day 3)

  1. Kim says:

    We also stayed in Nashville In in Redwood Cabin last weekend. We were also very surprised at the lack of ammenities in our cabin also. BUT it began as we checked in at 5:00 pm and were charged a $20.00 late check in fee. Still cant figure that one out.

    Then, we were starving so we went to the Mexican restaurant just inside city limits. No margaritas… Oh well but they charge .30 extra for lettuce !! We couldnt believe it.

    We also stopped at the CVS. Needed charcoal and birthday candles. No luck. I was told they dont carry candles and charcoal was out of season !

    We had a great weekend seeing the beautful tree colors and sitting around the fire outside playing cards.

    We decided to check out the lake and “pontoon boat” for the guests ! OMG plywood on two floats !! We would never use it !!!

    The kicker was getting an extra charge after we checked out. They said we got mud all over… Hmmm 4 moms away for a weekend in the woods on a rainy weekend. We took our shoes off at the door. Dont get it. I guess we were supposed to bring a vacuum and mop.

    They said we left food in the sink. Maybe a crumb. 4 moms checked pretty darn hard to make sure we left things in good order. They said we moved furniture. The only furniture we moved was the outside picnic table and put it back. But how would they know??? Were they checking in on us. Spying?? Funny we noticed no curtains on the cabin at all, slightly creepy but we figured they were out being cleaned. But as soon as we left the cabin a car followed from the next door cabin but didnt follow us all the way out. And went to the cabin we were at. Were they watching when we left ??? CREEPY !!

    Unfortunately we will not go back. Especially with kids. Too many unknown charges may occur.

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